Vehicle Maintenance : Vehicle Checks

Vehicle Maintenance
Your safety on the road depends not only on your attitude and behaviour, but also on the state of your vehicle.

Good monitoring of its maintenance is a guarantee of security, longer life and even economy. (A car poorly maintained can consume up to 25% more fuel).
Even if a driver is not a mechanic. He/she has to learn the main functions and components of his/her car. Here are small simple things that you can do yourself and that can help you to avoid a lot of problems.

Vehicle Maintenance Exterior:

  • Possible leakage of fluid under the vehicle
  • Rear-view mirrors are clean, properly adjusted and have no cracks
  • Windscreen and rear screen are clean with no traces of cracks
  • Headlamp, side lamps, indicators, brake lights
  • Brushes (rubber parts) of the wiper
  • Tyres – pressure, traces of cuts, abnormal wear and wear indicators
  • Wheel nuts are correctly tighten
  • Jack and wheel spanner
  • Spare wheel in good condition and properly inflated

Under the bonnet:

  • Engine oil level
  • Coolant in radiator
  • Fluid in the windscreen washer container
  • Brake fluid, clutch and power steering in their respective tanks

Vehicle Maintenance Interior:

  • Safety belts: check the correct operation by pulling a sharp blow (they must be lock immediately)
  • No objects on floor
  • Fire Extinguisher (See expiry date)
  • Correct pressure of brake and clutch pedals
  • No excessive play in the steering
  • Proper functioning of hand brake
  • Adjustment of seat, seat back and head restraint
  • Good functioning of lights on the instrument panel
  • Warning lights should be off when engine is running
  • Good functioning of windscreen wiper and washer
  • Horn
  • Fuel Level

Things to always have in your car:

  • Set of spare light bulbs and fuses
  • Torchlight or frontal lamp
  • First-aid Kit
  • Fire extinguisher
  • Warning triangle
  • Agreed statement of facts form
  • Yellow Chalk

For more, check « The Complete Driver's Handbook » of Barlen Munusami.

Barlen Munusami Barlen MUNUSAMI joined the police force in 1989. He holds a BSc in Police Studies from the University of Mauritius and Portsmouth, a Certificate in Traffic Management and Road Safety from the University of St Petersburg, Russia and an MA in Communications and Public Relations from the University of Technology, Mauritius (UTM). He is an MQA (Mauritius Qualifications Authority) approved trainer and Programme Officer in Defensive driving, Road Safety and Road Traffic Laws. Married and father of two grown-up children, Barlen Munusami gives regular talks and facilitates workshops on road safety in the media in Mauritius.

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