Road Tax Fee in Mauritius (Declaration)

road tax fee in mauritius (declaration)
How to effect payment of motor vehicle licence (Road tax)

The motor vehicle licence in Mauritius known as “declaration” is actually referred as road tax. There are three option of payment 3 months, 6 months or 1 year. The amount of road tax payable depends on the engine capacity of your vehicle.
All payments can be done at the nearby Post Offices excepts for late payments and payments after a period of non-renewal are accepted only at the NTA Head Office and SGS Vehicle Examination Center (Forest Side). Payments for vehicles having another licence like taxi, contract cars, contract buses and goods vehicles are accepted only at the NTA Head Office.

Documents needed while effecting payment.

  • Valid Insurance Certificate
  • Registration Certificate (Horsepower)
  • A certificate of fitness

What happen if a motor vehicle licence is not renewed upon expiry

If you do not renew your motor vehicle licence within 15 days of its expiry, you will have to pay a fine of 50% of the amount due upon renewal.If you do not intend, for any reason whatsoever, to renew your motor vehicle licence, you should, before the date of expiry, notify the Road Transport Commissioner in writing by registered post of your intention not to do so. Make sure that your letter reaches the Commissioner on or before the date of expiry of your licence otherwise the 50% fine will be applicable.

How to obtain a duplicate motor vehicle licence in case of loss?

Go at the Police Station of your locality to get a memo from the police certifying that you have reported the loss of your motor vehicle licence. Then proceed at the NTA with your National Identity Card, Registration book of your vehicle and the memo from the police. You will be issued a duplicate after you have paid the fee of Rs. 200.

Motor Vehicle Taxation according to NTA
road tax fee in mauritius (declaration) road tax fee in mauritius (declaration)

* Source : National Transport Authority

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